Our Committees

Our Committees and Boards

Our church has seven very active committees, and three boards.  The distinction includes that the boards are required and defined by our by-laws, with specific duties and membership term limits.  Our committees do not have term limits and include membership of active regular attenders to our congregation who may or may not be formal members of our church.  Pastor Bob Ripley is a permanent member of our Elder Board and an ex officio member of all other boards and committees.


2022 Committees and Boards

Communications Committee:

Elder Liaison:  Rick Kesig

Chair:  Valarie Spiegel

Members:  Bonnie Brown, Donna Mund-Gustafson, Janet Kittel, Jim Porreca, Larry Sessoms, Roxann Sykes


Connections/Membership Committee:

Elder Liaison:  Larry Sessoms

Chair:  Tom Frye

Members:  Deniece & Bill Gibbs, Janice & Richard Gerhart, Ruth & Butch Windorski


Deacon Board:

Elder Liaison:  Inge Chapman

Chair:  Sharon Graville

Secretary:  Faye Sessoms

Members:  Kathy Cheek, Gladys Conklin, Pamela Frye, Leslie Henson, Jan Kirk, Marilyn Newcomer, Peggy Ripley, Faye Sessoms, Karen Stanley, Roxann Sykes


Education Committee:

Elder Liaison: Joe Arnold
Chair: Mary McFarland, 
Members: Howard Atkinson, Ione Bartells, Steve Duncanson, Marty Goppert, Carol Wehrman, Ruth Windorski


Elder Board:

Chair:  Rick Kesig

Vice-Chair:  Mary McFarland

Clerk:  Larry Sessoms

Members:  Joe Arnold, Inge Chapman, Steve Kirk, Charlie Newcomer, Susan Preston, Pastor Bob Ripley, Larry Sessoms


Fellowship Committee:

Elder Liaison:  Susan Preston

Chair:  Jan Kirk

Members:  Joan Clark, Leslie Henson, Toni Kesig, Sharon Moran, Faye Sessoms, Pat Wilson, Ruth Windorski


Finance Committee:

Elder Liaison: Steve Kirk

Chair: Clyde Dowell

Members: Ted Huntoon, Patricia Martin, Doug McFarland, Syd Mersereau, Treasurer Kathleen Plouffe


Missions Committee:

Elder Liaison:  Mary McFarland

Chair:  Edna DeFord

Members:  Barb Cahill, Inge Chapman, Donna Grover, Steve Kirk


Trustee Board:

Elder Liaison: Charlie Newcomer

Chair: Jim Gillespie

Members: Liz Arnold, Lee Eakins, Don Hlusak, Russ Kittel, Darrell LoCascio, Nancy Love, Tom Mackenzie, Dave Modderman, Larry Soper, Todd Spiegel, Jim Sykes, Ruth Walters


Worship Committee:

Elder Liaison:  Pastor Bob Ripley

Chair:  Phylice Walton

Members:  Margaret Gillespie, Music Director (open position), Linda Porreca, Linda Purdue