PebblecCreek Community Church

                    April 18 Announcements


Preparation for Live Service Sign Up: As Pastor Bob announced on Easter Sunday, we will be back in the Eagle's Nest Ballroom live starting on June 6.  That really is good news.  Initially the number of people per live service will be limited in the ballroom and therefore as part of the preparation for our live services we will have a sign-up process on the website to get a realistic estimate of how many people are planning on attending services this summer, starting in June.  If we exceed the room limit, then we will plan to add a second service.  To help us, it is very important that you use the sign up on the website Calendar.  This is located under the Announcements tab.  Please change the date at the top to June 2021 and let the calendar update.  Then click on Worship Service for June 6, 2021.  You will see a Register Online section. Click on Register Now.  Please create a Username and Password.  You will be able to use this for all future event registrations on our Church's website.  Also, for the first time, you must fill in your name and other information that has the required asterisk beside it.  Then click on Register Now.  This will give us an estimate of how many people plan to be attending.  Then we will have an official sign up for each service starting in several weeks.  We will keep this first sign up open for two weeks, through next Sunday, April 25, so please register ASAP.  These registration steps are also included on the What's Happening page on the website for your reference and use. 


Simplify Your Offerings - Save time and money! If you currently mail your checks to the Treasurer, you might want to consider using Bill Pay offered by your bank. Your bank will prepare and mail the check and also pay the postage! 

Should you need assistance, contact Syd Mersereau, Treasurer, at 623-935-9272 or


To talk with Pastor Bob, for counseling or other concerns, please contact him at:, or Phone - 207-907-0535


Contact Edna DeFord to submit prayer requests or to receive the requests call 935-2707 or