We found a way!
November 24, 2020

In a year of a pandemic that isolated all of us, the PebbleCreek Community Church still found a way to come together to bring Jesus Christ to children.

2020 Operation Christmas Child in our church was a wonderful success this year, considering the challenges facing all of us. A total of 857 shoe boxes  were packed and shipped around the world this year.

Thank You!

In past years, we were able to meet in neighborhood homes and garages to pack our shoe boxes. Unfortunately, COVID-19 prevented us from gathering this year. But that didn’t stop us. For the first time, church members were able to pack shoe boxes VIRTUALLY online. One hundred seventeen (117) shoe boxes were packed online.

Church members were also able to donate to Operation Christmas Child through our church, resulting in another 93 shoeboxes pack by OCC.

Finally, church members were able to pick up empty boxes and build them at home, totaling another 647 shoe boxes.  Our grand total of shoe boxes shipped was 857!




























Thank you for filling so many shoe boxes during this difficult year. You have blessed many children who will hear the Gospel Message and study “The Greatest Journey” discipleship materials in their own language. Many children and villages will come to know Jesus because of your simple shoe box.

PCCC Missions Committee

The ladies from the PC Sewing and Quilting Clubs sewed dresses for some of our shoe boxes. Special thanks to.  Pamela  Scandore  who recruited the ladies to sew up the dress kits from donated fabric. 

Edna DeFord & Inge Chapman lay hands on the show boxes filled ready to go to OCC Drop Off Locations to start their journey to lands unknown.

Last car loaded up to take final load of shoe boxes to drop off Location. Picured right to left : Barb Cahall, Inge Chapman, Edna DeFord & Ned Grover. (Ned and Donna got caught up helping us as they brought the last few shoe boxes we loaded).

Edna DeFord & Inge Chapman at dropoff location with last load of shoe boxes from PCCC.