“Through My Father Eyes”

by Franklin Graham and

Donna Lee Toney


review by Beth Cunningham


Published: May 7, 2018


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What is it like, I wondered, to be the child of a famous father?  In his book, Through My Father's Eyes, Franklin Graham gives us a glimpse of what it was like to grow up in Billy Graham’s home.  Franklin relates how some of the missteps of his boyhood and early adulthood were used by his father and also his mother, Ruth, to correct, guide, redirect and enlighten their son and his siblings based on their understanding and knowledge of the Word of God.

However, the book, which contains 13 chapters and 319 pages in hardcover, focuses mainly on Franklin’s observations of his father’s steadfast belief in salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and Billy’s unwavering mission to bring the Good News to God’s children in every corner of the earth.  Also emphasized in the book is the importance and power of prayer which was a cornerstone in the Graham household.

Through the years, observing and learning from his father prepared Franklin to assume leadership of the worldwide organizations that Billy established during his seven decades of evangelism.  By experiencing the love of his earthly father, Franklin so glimpsed his heavenly father.

My takeaway from this book is that Billy Graham in his public life was the same man in his private family life.  His son shows us that his father was humble in the midst of great success and totally committed to service to God and his family.  What wonderful life lessons these are for every child growing up!

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