September 19, 2020

Our church believes we must tend to both the spiritual and humanitarian needs of people everywhere. We strive to share the love of Christ and present the claims of the gospel and win people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Grace.

In keeping with our Lord’s teaching to feed the hungry, we provide clothing, shelter and medical care to those who are hurting in this world. Our mission works are based on a established criteria, representing local, state, national, and worldwide Christian ministries, in accordance with the church goals.

One of the missionaries the church supports the missionary work of Dr. Allan Sawyers.  We have received word from Dr. Sawyers in Mukinge Hill In Western Zambia. Dr. Sawyer shared a recent experience with young mother.



One more life was saved today because of your giving. I was nearly certain this young mother would not survive, as she had lost 90% of her blood. Today, I sat next to her on her bed and shared with her how God has pulled her back from the clutches of death. She already knows Jesus as her Lord and Savior, but I challenged her to consider how she will use the rest of her life from this point forward.


Thank you for helping to make a difference here in Zambia.”

​Our missionary work is a priority for our church. We give of our talents, time and treasure. Of every dollar collected by our church, we allocate 25% to our mission work.

We are committed!