Christmas Celebration... the details

December 2, 2020

The PebbleCreek Community Church will gather on Wednesday, December 9th to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. Below is a message from our Elder Chairperson John Aycock, giving us the detail information about our gathering and celebration.



Greetings PCCC Faith Family,

Psalm 118, Verse 24 of the New King James Version of the Bible reads; “This is the day the Lord has made, We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Even with all the changes to our lives caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are instructed to “rejoice and be glad in it” because we know the one and only living God. During this time, I pray that you are able to focus on all the joys of knowing the one and only living God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gives us the blessings, peace, hope and contentment that surpasses all human understanding. 


This email is to update you on our December 9th PCCC Christmas Celebration at the Bullard Wash Amphitheater.

What time does the Christmas Celebration start on Wednesday, December 9th?

The service starts at 2:00 PM but I would recommend you arrive sometime between 1:30-1:45 PM to walk to the amphitheater.

Where is the Bullard Wash Amphitheater?

I have attached an aerial view of where the amphitheater is located. It is behind and a little to the right of the Staples Office Supply Store on PebbleCreek Parkway South. (See attached photo)







What is the seating like at the amphitheater?

It is a large outdoor theater with concrete seating and a lot of grass between the rows of concrete seating. (See attached ground photo)  It is recommended that you bring a cushion, blanket or a portable stadium seat to sit on the concrete seating. Also, another option is to bring a light-weight lawn chair to sit on the grass. There is plenty of room for lawn chairs.


Where should I park?

If you have no trouble walking, please park in the front parking lot at Staples. If you have difficulty walking, please use the parking spaces behind Staples. There are no Handicap parking spaces in the back but there are 28 parking spaces there.

What if I use a walker or a wheelchair?

When you are on the sidewalk approaching the amphitheater, if you turn to your right, you’ll see a level concrete platform at the top of the seating. I would recommend you use this relatively easy to reach area. If you have a seat on your walker, that would work well. If you are using a wheelchair, this is a perfect place for you. There will be a few folding chairs made available in that area as well.


Unfortunately, there are no public restrooms available at the amphitheater.  

How should I dress for the event?

Although the weather forecast now reports that it will be partly cloudy and around 70 degrees at 2:00 that afternoon, I would recommend wearing warm casual clothes and bring a hat or an umbrella in case we have bright sunshine. It would be easy to get a sunburn sitting outside for over an hour.

What will I see when I get near the amphitheater?

You will see fellow members of the church greeting you at the sidewalk leading down to the amphitheater. They will have face masks on but you will be able to recognize them by the WELCOME signs they will be holding.

What will I see when I arrive at the top of the amphitheater?

You will see a table with small individual bottles of hand sanitizers, extra face masks (in case you forgot yours), disposable communion cups, as we will observe the Lord’s Supper during our celebration;   and one or two church members standing at the table.  We will also have a Contribution Box set up on a separate table in case you would like to make an offering to the church at that time.

What will the Christmas Celebration be like?

Pastor Bob will have a timely Christmas message, we will observe The Lord’s Supper, we will have a special Christmas reading, and Donna will lead us in Christmas Carols and Hymns. (Marsha will be emailing you the songs we will be singing. Please print the songs and bring them with you to the celebration.  There will be no copies there.)

What is expected of me at the Christmas Celebration?

First, please read the Special Services Guidelines of Behavior (sent in email) that we had to submit to the City of Goodyear to get permission to use the facility.  Basically, we should stay 6 feet apart, wear our masks, use the hand sanitizer often, and refrain from handshakes and hugs. AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!!

Blessings and peace to you and the ones you love, and Marie and I hope to see you at the PCCC Christmas Celebration on December 9th!

John T. Aycock

Chairperson, PCCC Board of Elders