Worship Bulletins

PebbleCreek Community Church

Worship Bulletin 

 Sunday 5/22/2022


GREETING                                                             Howard Atkinson


PRELUDE     Come Let us Worship and Bow Down   Kathy Mitchell

                                               By Dave Doherty


*CALL TO WORSHIP                                                             Jan Kirk

Leader:  We are the people of God.

People:  By God’s Spirit we have been drawn together to offer our praises.

Leader:  God has blessed us abundantly above all that we can ask or think.

People:  We offer our gifts to God and to one another, and we are built up together.

Leader:  God of signs and wonders, be in our midst today.

All:  Make us to be that force for love that transforms the world.

*OPENING HYMN        Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus         (see wall)


HYMN OF PRAISE                Lead Me To Calvary             (see wall)         

*SCRIPTURE READING              Acts 22:6-11;                   Jan Kirk

                                                      Philippians 3:7-12  


MEMORY VERSE                 Genesis 12:2-3                   Jamie Mayer 


PASTORAL PRAYER                                                     Jamie Mayer 

SERMON                 Encounters of the Third Kind         Jamie Mayer 

*CLOSING HYMN             I Surrender All                        (see wall)



*BENEDICTION                                                             Jamie Mayer



POSTLUDE                           Sunday Joy                   Kathy Mitchell                      

                                           By Mark Hayes


*Those that are able please stand.                                


Last week’s attendance: 116

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