2021 Annual Report



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Pastor's Report……………………………………………………………………………  3

Chairman of the Board Report…………………………………………………………   5

Church Staff and Officers……………………………………………………………….  7

Missions Committee Report……………………………………………………………..  8

Connnections Committee Report………………………………………………………   11

Board of Deacons Report………………………………………………………………    13

Worship Committee Report……………………………………………………………    15

Director of Music Report………………………………………………………………    16

Education Committee Report…………………………………………………………     17

Fellowship Committee Report…………………………………………………………    18

Communications Report………………………………………………………………     19

Board of Trustees Report……………………………………………………………..      20

Finance Committee Report……………………………………………………………     22



Pastor’s Report


New Beginnings


As was the case last year, this year was also a year I saw as two different sections.  We had been filming video only services since March, 2020, but as of June 1st, we were able to have live services in the ballroom again.  What a blessing that was to be able to actually see people live again.  As a matter of irony, I was able to do approximately fifteen months of live services pre-COVID, and it was approximately fifteen months of video only services.  My prayer is that we are able to keep our services live and be able to fellowship together for the foreseeable future.


Someone commented to me how our re-opening seemed like a resurrection.  While I understand that sentiment, it seemed to me like an opportunity for new beginnings.  So many times, in our lives, we have come up against what seemed like a new beginning, a time to finesse how we are living for the Lord. This year seems to be one of those times, only as a church, rather than as an individual.


However, being “closed” did not mean being silent or inactive.  Our dedicated group of self-taught engineers, directors, videographers, recording technicians and editors continued their tireless work of producing and posting the best services we could.  We received messages from literally around the world thanking us for posting services and devotionals that brought blessings to so many.


Our Missions program also expanded for 2021.  At least for this year, the Missions Committee made a presentation to the Elders to help build two church buildings around the world.  One was in Kenya, and the other in Haiti.  Our Elders saw fit to vote $20,000 for each project.  We have since heard from both pastors how this generosity has meant that so many of their countrymen have come to know the Lord’s saving grace.


While we are not sure what will happen in the coming days or months, I praise God that we are a faith family that chooses to look forward.  Looking forward to how we can reach those closest to us, regionally and around the world.  Looking at every opportunity with fresh eyes as to how the Lord would have us seize the new beginnings we have been given.  Jeremiah wrote in Lamentations 3:22-23; 22 The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. 23 Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.  (NLT).  What a reminder that, with the Lord, we have a new opportunity for success every day.


Thank you all for being God’s servants as He has called you to be, doing things you never planned on, serving in ways you never expected.  The Lord takes note of it all, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all those who serve in whatever capacity God has called you.


Peggy and I are blessed to be part of this group and truly feel it is a Faith Family.  We want to thank you for your thoughtful expressions of kindness and we look forward to many more years of faithful service together.  May God bless each of you as you travel the path God has set before you.



Pastor Bob



Board of Elders Report



Chair: John Aycock;   Vice Chair: Mary McFarland

Board: Joe Arnold, Howard Atkinson, Rick Kesig, Jan Kirk, Susan Preston, Larry Sessoms, Pastor Robert Ripley


Dear Fellow Christians of PCCC:


The Board of Elders is elected by the congregation for three-year terms. Each year, at the Annual Meeting of church members, a new “class” of Elders is elected. The Elder Board is the governing body of the church. Together with the Pastor, Elders exercise leadership, governance, discipline and responsibility for the life of the church.


Do you remember how 2021 started? In January, one year ago, we were all trying to navigate how to get our newly available Covid-19 vaccine. We were all still wearing masks everywhere, washing our hands at least 50 times a day and trying to keep at least 6 feet apart. We had not been able to meet as a congregation except for 2 times at the outdoor amphitheater in Bullard Wash. We continued to “participate” in Sunday Services in front of our computers or TVs.

As the year progressed and more and more of us received our 1st and 2nd vaccine shots, we started planning for the day we could again have “in person” services and meetings in the Eagles Nest Ballroom.


As of March 15, 2020, we had been forced to give up our Sunday Services and all meetings in Eagles Nest Ballroom. Then one year and three months later, we finally were able to meet in person on June 6, 2021.


While there were many challenges for us personally and for our church collectively, we stayed strong in Christ.


As you will see from this overview of the work of the Elder Board and the other Boards and committees, we have grown in love of our God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirt even more than before.


Listed below are some the highlights of the Elder Board as well as the Deacons, Trustees and the various standing committees of the church:


  • The Elders continued to exercise governance of PCCC and provided oversite of all other boards and committees;
  • Reviewed and revised certain By-Laws that will improve the overall operations of the church;
  • Revised and updated the Nominating Committee Guidelines;
  • Funded two church building projects in Africa and Haiti;
  • Enhanced the worship experience with the purchase of a new camera, new mixer board, new projectors and an electronically controlled wall screens;
  • Established a new church website that greatly improves our communications via the internet;
  • Secured the first ever church office for Pastor Bob at Robson Reserve;
  • Provided much needed funds to church members from the Benevolence Fund; and
  • Adhered to a balanced budget and ended the year with a sizeable surplus.


As you read about the many other activities and accomplishments of the Trustees, Deacons and committees, I hope you will be pleased with the good work on behalf of “The Bride of Jesus” our church. Listed below are some of those highlights.


  • The finance committee moved from a “homegrown” accounting system to QuickBooks.
  • The Trustees transitioned us from outdoor services to indoor services and learned to operate all the new technology in the ballroom.
  • The Deacons continued to do the “angel’s” work of caring for our members. They made 761 phone calls, made 313 personal visits, sent 203 cards, sent over 1200 text and email messages, and provided 67 meals.
  • The Fellowship Committee, even though we could not meet in person until June 6th provided for a Picnic by the Pool, a Catered Luau Party and the Christmas Choir and Fellowship event.
  • The Connections Committee updated the Church Pictorial Directory, provided welcome packets for visitors and assisted with the Orientation Brunch for prospective new members.
  • The Missions Committee arranged for special funding for a church in Africa and Haiti. They continued to fund numerous local, state, national and international ministries so numerous that you must read their entire report.
  • The Communications Committee was the body that did all the research and follow through to enhance our website, technologies of all kinds, published numerous articles in the PebbleCreek Post and much more.
  • The Bible Studies continued and new ones were added so that you have your choice of 14 different groups.
  • The Education Committee enhanced the library, exercised oversight over the Bible Studies and added to resources on our website.
  • The Worship Committee has added variety to the music we sing and presentations of our Sunday Worship Services.


Yes, 2021 was a year full of challenges; but by our Belief, Faith, Hope, Love and Trust in God the Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we not only survived, we thrived!

Blessings and Peace.

Respectfully Submitted,

John T. Aycock

Chairperson of the Elder Board



Church Staff and Officers

As of December 31, 2021



Pastor:                            Rev. Bob Ripley

Treasurer:                      Syd Mersereau

Secretary:                      Marsha Lyons

Director of Music:        Donna Giocomo

Pianists:                         Karen Peterson

Prayer Coordinator:    Edna DeFord

Elders:                       John Aycock (Chair), Robert Ripley, Joe Arnold, Howard Atkinson, Rick Kesig, Jan Kirk, Mary McFarland, Susan Preston, and Larry Sessoms

Board Secretary:          Marsha Lyons

Trustees:                  Jim Gillespie (Chair), Jim Berg,  Darrel LoCascio, Lee Eakins, Don Hlusak, Russ Kittel, Nancy Love, Dave Modderman, Charlie Newcomer, Tom Mackenzie, Jim Sykes and Todd Spiegel

Deacons:                         Sharon Graville (Chair), Pamela Frye, Karen Stanley, Gladys Maybe Conklin, Linda Pardue, Patricia Rodgers, Leslie  Henson, Kathy Cheek, and Faye Sessoms


Missions Committee Report



Chairperson: Edna DeFord,   Elder Liaison: Mary McFarland 

Committee Members: Barb Cahall, Don Clark, Donna Grover, Edna DeFord, Inge Chapman, Steve Kirk.   (We are looking for two new members to join our group).


A.   Focus our giving toward meeting spiritual needs, as well as meeting humanitarian endeavors.

  1. Support mission’s outreaches that are effective in presenting the claims of the gospel and winning people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Grace.
  2. Support missions reaching out to people in keeping with our Lord’s teaching to feed the hungry, and provide clothing, shelter and medical care to those who are hurting in this world.

B.   Support missions based on an established criteria.  These missions will represent local, state, national, worldwide Christian Ministries and their missionaries in accordance with the Church Goals.    This includes individual(s) working with these ministries that are required to obtain their own financial support.


  1. Support American Indian missions and their ministries.


Review of the past year:  (January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021)

This has been the second year that we have had to adhere to and work around the COVID 19 virus guidelines to serve our Lord and all our missions around the world. The Committee has been working diligently to make the best use of the funds dedicated to missions and to provide as much “hands on” service opportunities for our congregation while adhering to the virus shutdown instructions.  We met monthly using ZOOM technology and continued to review our missions to ensure they meet the criteria set up for our mission endeavors.

We supported nine (9) missions at $ 200.00 per month.   These local, national and international missions are: Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank, Alaska Christian College, Eve-A-Douglas Caribbean Deaf Ministry, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, JESUS Film Project, JOY Brazil, Phoenix Rescue Mission/Changing Life Center, Samaritan’s Purse (SP), and World Gospel Missions Southwest Ministries. The remaining budgeted funds were used to assist other missions brought to our attention by God and reviewed as worthy of our help in spreading the Gospel Message throughout the world.  Specific projects included:

  1. Edna DeFord, Barbara Cahall and Inge Chapman led our church in filling 755 Operation Christmas Child (OCC) Shoe Boxes in 2021.  Shoe boxes were provided to our church family during October and November. An On-Line Shoe Box Page was generated for our church by SP/OCC which allowed individuals to fill show boxes online from the comfort of their homes.  A total of 208 shoe boxes were filled online.  Individuals also funded “Adopt A Box” by paying the $9.00 transportation fee. By using “Follow your Box” labels, we know these boxes were sent to Peru, Ecuador, and various Hard to Reach Areas. A Special Shoe Box Prayer Dedication was held during the November 21, 2021 worship service. We thank God that shoe boxes from PebbleCreek Community Church blessed children in several countries and in areas we will never know about as it is too dangerous to reveal their locations.   
  2. Donations were made to Samaritan’s Purse for Disaster relief deployments, to Samaritan’s Purse World Medical Mission trips made by Dr. Allan Sawyer to Africa and, assistance with the SP Field Hospital set up in Spain and Haiti.  
  3. Agua Fria Food Bank Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Distribution Programs was supported by financial assistance and volunteers assisting in the filling and distributions of bags.
  4. The Missions Committee responded to the Elder Board’s request for ways our reserve funds could be used to help missions.  The funds financed the building of one church in Kenya and assistance to continue building a structure in Haiti.  Each was given $ 20,000.00 for the church structures.  The Missions Committee took over the responsibilities of getting the funds wired to the countries and monitoring the building progress.
  5. The Missions Committee supplied slide shows on several Sundays, and additional presentations to keep the church updated on the exciting event of churches being built by our congregation’s funds. 


Other Major Mission activities in 2021 include:

  • Mission updates were included in the PebbleCreek Community Church Prayer Chain information and on the church website.
  • Provided funding to Agua Fria School Uniform Program where over 400 young people received two new school uniforms. 
  • JESUS Film Project received funds to purchase wireless electronic equipment so teams could show the JESUS film DVD in areas without electricity to people who had never seen a movie before. Helped fund the translation of a new language for the JESUS Film. 
  • Special Designated Funds went to Brother Jacob in India for use in his ministries including the purchase of school supplies, food for the 6,500 children, and to purchase bunk beds for children’s dormitories to comply with COVID inspections. During COVID, the government also assigned him to help feed additional people. 
  • St. Bonaventure received funds to buy heating stoves for families.  Missions also supported the Blankets for the Elderly and the Water Truck which is the only source of water to many families on the reservation.
  • Pastor Daniel in Uganda received funds for food to keep church members from starving due to COVID shutdowns. Also funds to renovate the latrines and to bring water into the church building to comply with COVID inspections.
  • Alaska Christian College received special designated student scholarship funding and one Arizona student was given scholarship money. This is an annual commitment, and anyone interested in adding to these scholarships is encouraged to contact a Missions Committee member for information.
  • Pastor Elisha – Kenya: was provided funds to take his family to his Father-in-Law’s burial services. We financed maintenance and tires for his motorbike which is his only transportation. We also paid school fees for the four children he is fostering after an orphanage closed due to COVID.  He supervised the construction of the new church building and pastored three other congregations in Kenya.
  • Katie Rawson – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was given support to publish a new booklet on working with students from different cultures. 
  • Pastor Wilbins Maginet – Haiti was given funding to help with church construction and to help with the aftereffects of the earthquake.
  • Phoenix Rescue Mission received funds to assist in the building of a new structure to provide housing and an education center for men in the addiction program; and for water truck funding.
  • Pastor Daniel in Kampala, Uganda received funds to change the church floor from dirt to concrete.  They no longer meet on a mud floor during the rainy season.


PebbleCreek Community Church members and guests are to be congratulated on their strong missions support in our community, nation and around the world.  We are following the commands of our Lord to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” and to share the Love of Christ with our PebbleCreek neighbors.


Connections Committee Report



Chairperson: Tom Frye,   Elder Liaison: Larry Sessoms

Committee Members:  Don Clark, Tom Frye, Janice & Richard Gerhart, Deniece & Bill Gibbs, Ruth & Butch Windorski



1. To do all we can to make visitors in our church feel comfortable and welcome;

2.  To encourage people who attend our church to become regular attenders and/or members;

3.  To provide “Connections Brunches” and other activities for the purpose of orienting new people to our Constitution, By-Laws, and other fundamentals of our community church;

            4.  To assist in the reception of new members;

            5.  To track attendance and follow-up on inactive members;

6.  To work on policies and programs that enhance outreach and make participation in our church a joyful and spiritually rewarding experience.

Review of the past year:  (January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021)

  • Not unlike all other activities with which we are engaged, this has been a strange and difficult year.  Our committee has reached out to our congregation by completing new pages for our church directory, and in December we were able to host our first “Connections Brunch” in more than a year.


  • Our Name:  Last year we changed our name from “Membership” to “Connections,” reflecting that the purpose of our committee is to connect with new people without a pure focus on membership.  Thus, we strive to have people become regular attenders to our services, and become involved with our church in other ways, in the process of their considering formal membership.
  • Welcome Packets:  These packets will continue to be distributed to first time visitors from our table at the back of the church during fellowship.  They have recently been updated to include a current message from Pastor and information about our church.   Also, at this table will be remaining 25th Anniversary coasters and church pens.


  • Church Pictorial Directory:    Our committee retains responsibility to update our church directory as needed.  We are rapidly running out of directories for new people and plan to publish additional directories soon.  In this process we do not plan new pages for people already in our directory.  Please call any needed updates to the attention of any of our committee members, or our church Secretary, Marsha Lyons, with whom we work closely.


  • Worship Service Attendance Growth:  Our PebbleCreek Community Church continues to experience significant growth in worship service attendance.  Our committee will continue to search out innovative ideas for how we can, in a friendly manner, reach out to receive these people with Christ’s love.  We welcome any input from our congregation around how we might better perform. 


  • Our Goal:  The goal of our committee is to meet, welcome, and create a relationship with visitors to make them feel comfortable in making a decision about joining with us in fellowship on a regular basis.  This is not about numbers but creating an atmosphere where spiritual growth can be the result.



Board of Deacons Report



Chairperson: Patricia Wilson/Sharon Graville,   Elder Liaison: Jan Kirk

Deacons: Pamela Frye, Linda Pardue, Patricia Rodgers, Faye Sessoms, Marty Goppert, Gladys Conklin, Linda Rouillard, Kathy Cheek, Leslie Henson, and Karen Stanley


The Board of Deacons elected and confirmed by the church membership is to nurture members and regular attendees of PebbleCreek Community Church.  They greet visitors, send cards for several occasions, assist at times of bereavement, and provide meals to those members in need due to surgery or illness.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021)

  • Deacons made numerous visits in homes and convalescent facilities.  The Deacon Visitation Ministry (including additional At-Large Team Members, facilitated by Pamela Frye and Karen Stanley), made 768 phone calls, 313 visits, sent 203 cards, and 1,228 texts/e-mails as of December, 2021. We continue to provide visits, encouragement, and prayer for the ill.
  • The Deacons have prepared meals for members as needed and 67 meals were recorded through December 2021.  No bereavement meals were requested in 2021.
  • A team of 19 Deacon Helpers graciously agreed to provide meals as needed.  Our list of Deacon Helpers has been updated for 2022.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry, led by Jeanne Schimmelpfennig, has completed 272 shawls in 2021, bringing the total number of shawls made since the start to 1,131.
  • Pat Rodgers served her second term as the card minister.  She sent birthday, anniversary, get well, and thinking of you cards to regular attendees and members.  She also sent sympathy cards to members and the PebbleCreek community at large as a part of our outreach to non-members. 460 cards were sent by her as of December 2021.
  • Every effort is made to greet members and visitors and reach out to serve the congregation of PebbleCreek Community Church.



Worship Committee Report



Chairperson: Phylice Walton,   Elder: Pastor Robert Ripley

Committee Members: Margaret Gillespie, Linda Pardue, Linda Porreca  


To assist the Pastor in preparing services which enhance the worship of
God and deepens our commitment to follow Christ. Our areas of service include:


  1. Music Ministry
  2. Baptism, Communion Preparation
  3. Special Times of Worship: Advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving
  4. Special Emphasis Services: Moments for Mission, Memorial Day, Father’s and Mother’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Operation Christmas Child, Dr. King Observance
  5. Banner selection
  6. Worship Assistants
  7. Oversee the worship budget

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021)

  • Selected the weekly Scripture readers
  • Prepared Advent Wreath, selected Advent readers
  • Purchased new Communion banner
  • Purchased Christmas poinsettias and distributed to local assisted living homes 
  • Submitted Worship Committee budget for 2021 to cover expenses for Bulletins, Candles, Flowers, Offering Envelopes, Music Material, and miscellaneous supplies.

Director of Music Report



Director of Music: Donna Giocomo,   Elder Liaison: Pastor Bob Ripley



To develop, expand and maintain the Music Ministry at PebbleCreek Community Church with a variety of musical styles, bringing honor and glory to God and encouragement and healing to the congregation. 


Review of the past year: (January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021)

• Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, music at our church experienced changes as we adapted to the current situation. Fortunately we went back to live services in June. Until then, we continued using more technology. This included both audio and video recording. But the variety of music styles and goal of glorifying God through music in our worship was continued whether online or in person for worship.


• Return of annual Christmas concert on December 12th

• Choosing music for Worship service

• Coordinate the layout of the worship service with the Pastor

• Choir rehearsals changed to Sunday mornings due to Coronavirus. Choir sang Christmas concert and for 2 worship services. Should return to every Tuesday, and singing for Worship eventually

• Did not use Praise team during pandemic, but should also return sometime in 2022

• Communication with choir, congregation and community of PebbleCreek through e-mail, inserts, Post articles and flyers, regarding special services

• Record prelude/postlude, audio and video of hymns to lead, choose videos, schedule pianist when in live services

• Coordinating with others to put together the new web based Worship service

• Enthusiastically lead music in both worship and rehearsal, allowing our Heavenly Father to touch the hearts of both those in worship and those singing in the Choir, to glorify Him and bring His love to His people through His gift of music



Education Committee Report



Chairperson: Mary McFarland,   Elder Liaison: Joe Arnold

Committee Members: Steve Duncanson, Jamie Mayer, and Ruth Windorski


To increase biblical knowledge and promote spiritual growth of the PebbleCreek Community Church congregation by:


1. Facilitating Bible study and supporting group leaders with prayer, communication, resource study materials, recruiting, and training new leaders

2. Communicating to the congregation with: 1) a current list of the groups that are meeting, including the study topics, meeting times, and contact person, 2) biblical-based materials, including Our Daily Bread and pamphlets, and 3) information on biblical educational opportunities in the area


Review of the past year: (January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021)

In the last year:

  • Supported fifteen (14) bible study and small groups including one new bible study group.
    1. Women (5)
    2. Men (2)
    3. Mixed (7)
  • Coordinated and supported Zoom meetings that facilitated these groups
  • Restarted several programs when we resumed meeting in-person services
  • Started a new Know Your Bible article once a month on our website
  • Supplied Our Daily Bread including large print editions at the back table
  • Gave helpful Christian website links on our website
  • Restarted the church library cart in the back for each service
  • Planned a small tour at The Bible Museum on Litchfield Road in Goodyear



Fellowship Committee Report



Chairperson: Jan Kirk,   Elder Liaison: Susan Preston

Committee Members: Faye Sessoms, Patricia Wilson, Ruth Windorski, Sharon Moran,

Leslie Henson, Joan Clark, and Toni Kesig


Create an atmosphere of fellowship and fun among members, prospective members,

            and regular attendees.


Review of the past year: (January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021)

  • Fellowship Hour:  The social time each Sunday after church services provides snacks and coffee.


  • Fellowship Events:  The Committee normally plans eight (8) events over the period of a year.  However, due to COVID and the resulting shut down, only three (3) events were held during 2021:
    • July 31:  Summer Event: Picnic at Oasis Pool Pavilion
    • November 7:  Fall Fellowship: Catered Luau Party
    • December 12:  Christmas: Choir Program and Fellowship


Communications Committee Report



Chairperson: Valerie Spiegel,   Elder Liaison: Rick Kesig

Committee Members: Larry Sessoms, Janet Kittel, Roxann Sykes, Jim Porreca


  1. To share information with the people of our church relative to worship, personnel,

social events, meetings, committees, finances, and other news items

  1. To make information about our church available to all within our PebbleCreek

Community, and to invite all of those who would like to join with us to do so in

celebration of Christ’s love

  1. To make information about our church available to interested parties via our website

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021)

  • A new website was launched in March 2021 using NetMinistry as the professional manager and provider.  This was the primary flagship communication channel for our congregation during the pandemic shutdown with approximately 40,000 hits.
  • Maintained a communications management strategy with a committee member assigned to each major church committee as liaison for that communications channel.
  • Video recording of Sunday Worship services was published to our website each Sunday through YouTube.
  • Audio recordings of Words of Hope devotionals were published each Tuesday and Thursday on our website through Sound Cloud.
  • Submitted 10 articles to the PebbleCreek Post regarding church activities throughout the year including: Christmas, Easter, Bible studies, new church office, Fellowship events, Music Director search and Operation Christmas Child.
  • Submitted advertisements to PC Post and Sourcebook.
  • Renewed for two years the PCCC banner at the Field of Dreams ballpark
  • Was assigned financial responsibility for all song and movie use licenses by the church.
  • Published 21 internal articles on the website under What’s Happening about church activities and information, such as: Operation Christmas Child, fellowship events, new Bible studies, Robson Reserve, etc...
  • Responsible for, through a sub-committee, the selection, installation and implementation of audio-visual equipment, including two powered screens and digital projectors, audio board, computer, video camera and all wiring and ancillary components.


Board of Trustees Report



Chairperson: Jim Gillespie,   Elder Liaison: John Aycock

Trustees: Jim Gillespie, Richard Blomberg, Darrel LoCasio, Lee Eakins, Michael Wilson, Jim Berg, Nancy Love, Jim Sykes, Dave Modderman, Don Hlusak, Russ Kittel, Tom Mackenzie, Charlie Newcomer, and Todd Spiegel



  1. Provide for the physical set-up, tear-down and storage of equipment for each service and event, including the sound system, projectors and camera for the 9AM service
  2. Maintain an inventory (count, condition and value) of the physical assets
  3. Purchase supplies for fellowship time after the services (When Needed)
  4. Prepare coffee and hot and ice water for fellowship time (When Needed)
  5. Set up all sound equipment and microphones and camera as needed, and provide Trustees to operate the equipment for all services and special events
  6. Lower the screens and prepare the projector and computer for the on screen presentation
  7. Setup the camera and record the service, edit it and put on the website
  8. Return all equipment to storage after the service
  9. Recommend to the Elder Board any maintenance or new equipment needs

Review of the past year:  (January 1, 2021- December 31, 2021)

  • The Trustee Elder and the Trustee Committee met (On Zoom) and elected a chairperson and reviewed the duties of the Trustees at the beginning of the year 
  • Trustees were assigned for each Trustee function ~ physical setup and tear down for each service, sound system, and physical inventory. Also responsible for buying supplies to replenish those things used for Fellowship time
  • Coordinate with the Activities Office the change in seat numbers when the snow-birds leave and then again when they return. Four different configurations each year
  • Oversee counting attendance each week and special events
  • Purchased a canopy for outdoor services and events
  • Participated in Outdoor Service for Easter at Bullard Park, setup, sound system and counted attendees
  • Participated in the planning of reopening of the Ballroom in June for Sunday Services
  • Two Trustees are on the AV and Camera Committee. Purchased two projectors and screens, digital sound board, video camera, laptop computer, two sound monitors, cables, etc.
  • Two Trustees participated on the Pastors Office Search Committee
  • Two Trustees helped move furniture into Pastors new Office at Robson Reserve
  • Trustee Chair is on the Nominating Committee primarily to fill openings for Trustees
  • Elder Liaison and Chairperson kept in contact throughout the year to work out any concerns or problems



Finance Committee Report


ChairpersonClyde Dowell,   Elder Liaison: Howard Atkinson
Committee Members: Clyde Dowell, Ted Huntoon, Patricia Martin, Douglas McFarland, Sydna Mersereau (church treasurer)


Another Year of Gratitude:


Thank you to our generous and committed congregation for your outpouring of tithes and offerings for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. You provided $313,500 in General Fund giving, significantly higher than the $270,000 that was projected.  25% of the excess giving ($10,875) was transferred to the Missions Fund to enable further support for the Christ centered organizations which the church has embraced.



  1. To create the 2021 and 2022 church budgets based on estimated contributions and expenses, to review committee requests for expenditures, to request special offerings for Christian purposes, and to inform the congregation of the Board of Elder’s decisions in such matters


  1. To oversee and manage the church’s General Fund accounts and restricted special funds for the furtherance of the purposes of the church


  1. To create the 2021 and 2022 church budgets based on estimated contributions and expenses, to review committee requests for expenditures, to request special offerings for Christian purposes, and to inform the congregation of the Board of Elder’s decisions in such matters

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021)

  • Proposed a balanced 2021 budget which was approved by the congregation in February 2021
  • Reviewed each month’s financial results and provided monthly financial reports to the Board of Elders
  • Conducted the annual Finance Committee review of the church’s 2020 financial statements and found no exceptions
  • Successfully transitioned to a new payroll processing system with Ministry Works for our employees
  • Obtained the Board of Elders approval to convert the Church’s accounting system to QuickBooks beginning in 2022. A consultant has been hired to assist with the conversion.
  • Managed the investments of the Reserve Fund. While interest rates are at historically low levels, we continued to maintain safety of the Fund through placement of bank FDIC insured deposits. 
  • Disbursed approximately $74,500 in Elder approved expenses from the Reserve Fund for special mission projects and upgrades to the audio-visual systems used in worship
  • Researched and solicited proposals for an online giving portal that may be adopted in the future
  • Prepared a balanced budget for coming year 2022 with anticipated offerings of $305,000.  Please see the 2021 financial reports and the 2022 proposed budget, which follows.


What we will do in 2022 and beyond:

  • Continue to work to achieve a balanced budget
  • Continue to improve the efficiency of the Church’s financial systems and provide meaningful reporting to the Board of Elders.
  • Continue to oversee the Church’s investments and expenses to insure that we are being good stewards of God’s resources.