2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report


Pastor's Report


Moving Forward

This has been an unprecedented year split into two sections.  We all have our pre-Covid memories and then the Covid isolation months.  The first section we talk about like it was decades ago, while we are still walking through the valley of the other.  Since moving to Arizona, Peggy and I have come to appreciate the words "desert" and "valley" much more than we did before.


While we look out at the physical valleys all around us, this year has taught us that there will be spiritual and emotional valleys that we will walk through as well.  But thanks be to God, the people of PebbleCreek Community Church have chosen not to focus on that.  I praise God daily that we have people who have chosen to look to the future rather than the past.  We have chosen to see what we have rather than what we have lost.


Early this year we had our first real Missions conference ever, or at least for many years.  Approximately 300 people attended the two services and dinner.  We heard from many of our missionaries who spoke about the great work they are doing.  Then shortly after that, COVID-19 made the world stop in its tracks.


Within days of being told the Eagles Nest ball room would be closed, there was a group of technology minded people who had us recording our first "PebbleCreek Community Church on the web…"  In the ten months since, we have not missed a service.  Our faithful group of self-taught engineers, directors, videographers, recording technicians and editors have improved the service since then.


We have also added online devotionals and even learned how to use Zoom to have meetings and Bible Studies.  In reality, what a fantastic year we have had..!!  Even though life does not serve up every dream we have, God gives us more than we could ever dream for.  Ours is a special church, like all are, here in the West Valley of Phoenix.  We serve a unique congregation, but we most importantly serve a God who has our best interests at heart and will honor the faithfulness we show.  Psalm 23:1+6 say; The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need…Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.(NLT)  Whatever it is we need, God will supply, and His kindness, compassion and love will be ours until the end of time, and even after.


So, while we don't know when we will be out of this situation exactly, we know who guides us and who will be there when daylight returns.  Thank you all for being the servants of the Lord He has called you to be, doing things you never planned on, serving in ways you never expected.  It all counts for the Lord, and I cannot tell you how much, as your pastor, I appreciate all those who serve in whatever capacity God has called you to.


Peggy and I are blessed to be part of this group we call a Faith Family.  We want to thank you for your thoughtful expressions of kindness and we look forward to many years of faithful ministry together.  May God bless each of you as you travel the path God has set before you.



Pastor Bob




















Board of Elders Report



Chair:  John Aycock; Vice Chair:  Hal Merwald

Board:  Joe Arnold, Mary McFarland, Jan Kirk, Rick Kesig, Larry Sessoms, Howard Atkinson, Pastor Robert Ripley


Greetings Fellow Christians of PCCC:

The Board of Elders are elected by the congregation for three-year terms. Each year, at the Annual Meeting of church members, a new "class" of Elders are elected.  The Elder Board is the governing body of the church. Together with the Pastor, Elders exercise leadership, governance, discipline and responsibility for the life of the church.


2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was one of the most unusual and challenging years in the 25-year history of PebbleCreek Community Church. With the pandemic, all in-person church services normally held in Eagles Nest Ballroom were suspended as of March 15, 2020, requiring the delivery of church worship in ways never provided before. All in-person committee meetings, board meetings, Bible Studies, and Fellowship activities were also suspended, yet continued on virtually.


Even with all these tremendous challenges to "keep our church together," we have endured and survived. In fact, the strength of our belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has kept us very much together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • As you read and review this report, you will find that PCCC, through great faith and resilience, continued to grow closer to Jesus.
  • You will find that there are still 7 active committees who have provided a report for you about their events, activities and accomplishments during 2020 (Missions, Membership, Worship, Education, Fellowship, Communications, and Finance).
  • You will find that although our church services were viewed virtually, music continued to be an important part of the services.
  • You will be provided information and reports from the three elected boards that serve God and PCCC: Elders, Trustees, and Deacons.
  • You will be made aware that PCCC continued to virtually hold 15 Bible Study groups that examined and discussed the word of God on a weekly basis.
  • You will also learn about the budget and how PCCC uses its financial blessings to minister to individuals, couples, groups, local charities, and national and international organizations serving God.
  • You will also learn more about how Pastor Bob and the staff who work so hard on behalf of PCCC.


I pray that 2021 will see our church return to in-person services, meetings and activities that allow us to enjoy the energy of the presence and blessings of our Lord and Savior "where two or more are gathered in His name."


Respectfully Submitted

John T. Aycock

Chairperson of the Elder Board




Church Staff and Officers

As of December 31, 2020


Pastor:                                    Rev. Bob Ripley

Treasurer:                               Syd Mersereau

Secretary:                                 Marsha Lyons

Director of Music:                 Donna Giocomo

Pianists:                                 Shirley Nebergall, Karen Petersen 

Prayer Coordinator:            Edna DeFord

Elders:                                    John Aycock (Chair), Robert Ripley, Joe Arnold, Howard Atkinson, Rick Kesig, Jan Kirk, Mary McFarland , Hal Merwald, and Larry Sessoms

Board Secretary:                  Marsha Lyons

Trustees:                                Jim Gillespie (Chair), Jim Berg, Richard Blomberg, Darrel LoCascio, Lee Eakins, Don Hlusak, Nancy Love, Dave Modderman, Jim Sykes and Michael Wilson,

Deacons:                                 Patricia Wilson (Chair), Pamela Frye, Marty Goppert, Sharon Graville, Gladys Maybe, Linda Pardue, Patricia Rodgers, Linda Rouillard, and Faye Sessoms




Missions Committee Report



Chairperson:    Edna DeFord, Elder Liaison, Mary McFarland

Committee Members: Barb Cahall, Beth Hadden, Don Clark, Donna Grover, Edna DeFord, Inge Chapman, Steve Kirk.   (We are looking for one new member to join our group).


  1. Focus our giving to meeting spiritual needs, as well as humanitarian endeavors.
  1. Support outreach that is effective in presenting the claims of the gospel and winning people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Grace.
  2. Support missions that reach out to people in keeping with our Lord's teaching to feed the hungry, provide clothing, shelter and medical care to those who are hurting in this world.

B.   Support missions based on established criteria.  These missions represent local, national, worldwide Christian Ministries and their missionaries in accordance with the Church Goals. This includes individual(s) working with these ministries that are required to obtain their own financial support.

  1. Support American Indian missions and their ministries.


Review of the past year: (January 01, - December 31, 2020)

This has been a different year as we worked around the COVID 19 virus to continue to serve our Lord and all our Missions.  The Committee has been working diligently to make the best use of the funds dedicated to missions donated by our congregation and to provide as much "hands on" service opportunities for our congregation while adhering to the virus shutdown instructions.  We have met monthly using ZOOM technology and continued to review our missions to ensure they meet the criteria set up for our mission endeavors.

  1. We supported nine (9) local, national and international missions with $ 200.00 per month.  Sandy & LeRoy Anderson with the World Gospel Missions-American Indian, located in Peoria, AZ, were moved from our Special Designated Missions to a Regular Monthly Supported Mission. This provides us the opportunity to work with American Indians in our own local area.  The nine missions we support monthly are: Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank, Alaskan Christian College, Eve-A-Douglas Caribbean Deaf Ministry, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, JESUS Film Project; JOY Brazil, Phoenix Rescue Mission/Changing Life Center, & Samaritan's Purse and World Gospel Missions American Indian Field. 
  2. Edna DeFord, Carol Rudisill, Barbara Cahall and Inge Chapman served as Operation Christmas Child (OCC) Project Leaders to manage our church in filling a total of 857 Shoe Boxes for 2020.  Shoe boxes were provided and returned to two homes in November.  An On-Line Shoe Box page was generated for our church by SP/OCC which allowed individuals to fill shoe boxes from the comfort of their homes.  A total of 117 shoe boxes were filled online including ones filled using designated funds from individuals. A Special Shoe Box Prayer Dedication was held during the November 22 online worship service.  "Follow Your Box" labels were used on some of our shoe boxes which provided information on the country they were shipped. These countries included: the Philippines, Peru, Ecuador, Ukraine and various Hard to Reach Areas. We thank God that shoe boxes from Pebble Creek Community Church blessed children in several countries we will never know about as it is too dangerous to reveal their locations.   
  3. Donations were made to Samaritan's Purse for disaster relief due to the many deployments this year and to Samaritan's Purse World Medical Mission trips made by Dr. Allan Sawyer to Africa and assistance with the SP Field Hospital set up in Central Park, NY and in Cremona, Italy.   
  4. Agua Fria Food Bank Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Distribution Program was the first time in 19 years we were not in leadership of the event. We provided financial assistance.  Phylice Walton worked with the food bank director to provide the planning and communication of plans to our church and others. Due to the virus a drive through approach for pick-up was used this year. Thanksgiving food baskets were given out to 800 families at a local church and a similar toy and food distribution at a different church for 850 families at Christmas time.  
  5. A special 25th Anniversary Mission Sunday was held on February 29 with four representatives from our missions sharing how God uses our funds to help spread the gospel message. Worship time speakers from JOY Brazil were Kathy and Edgie Ribiero, and spokespersons from the Phoenix Rescue Mission/Changing Life Center. At the Sunday evening event, Dr. Allan Sawyer, OBGYN, spoke about serving with a hospital in Africa with Samaritan's Purse World Medical Missions where he trained local doctors and performed surgery at local Mission Hospitals.  Sandy & LeRoy Anderson shared about their work with American Indians in AZ & NM. The mission committee presented pictures of mission involvement over the past 25 years. Mission history included discussions of trips to China, Uganda, South Sudan, Mexico, New Orleans (hurricane relief), New Mexico Indian Reservation, Paraguay, and Yarnell Hill Fire relief.  


Other Major Mission activities in 2020 include:

     Mission updates were included in the Pebble Creek Church Prayer Chain and on the church website.

  • Provided funding to Agua Fria School Uniform Program where over 400 young people received two new school uniforms. 
  • JESUS Film Project received funds to purchase wireless electronic equipment to allow JESUS Film Teams to reach into areas without electricity to show the JESUS Film DVD's to people who had never seen a movie before. 
  • Special Designated Funds also went to Brother Jacob in India for use in his ministries including the purchase of school supplies and food for the 6,500 children and others assigned to him by the government during the COVID virus shutdown. 
  • St. Bonaventure received funds for Blankets for the Elderly and the Water Truck which is the only source of water to many families on the reservation,
  • Joy Brazil received funding for technical equipment to hold a ZOOM Camp Online and for Scholarships for their youth ministry activities.
  • Alaska Christian College received special designated student scholarship funding.  An Annual Scholarship was set up to assist with tuition for a student from Arizona attending ACC.  This will be an annual event and anyone interested in adding to these scholarship funds are encouraged to contact a Mission Committee member for information.
  • Pastor Elisha – Kenya received funds to help purchase food for his family and church congregation.  The COVID virus shutdown, flooding and a locust infestation caused a food shortage.  The closing of an orphanage due to the virus caused the pastor to add four orphans to his family. We provided funds to help with the school fees and food.  
  • Katie Rawson – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was given funds to publish a new booklet on working with students from different cultures. 
  • Pastor Wilbins Maginet in Haiti was provided funding to help with the construction of a church building and funds to purchase a motorbike to travel to the second congregation started from the crusade we funded last year.  This second church is located on the other side of the island. 
  • Phoenix Rescue Mission received funds to assist in the building of a new structure to provide housing and renovation of the education center for men in the addiction program.
  • Pastor Daniel in Kampala, Uganda received funds to change the church floor from dirt to concrete.  They no longer meet on a mud floor during the rainy season.
  • World Gospel Mission, American Indian Field received mission funds to help purchase a mobile home to place on Indian land for the missionary Pastor and family to be closer to church family. 


Pebble Creek Community Church members and guests are to be congratulated on their strong support of missions in our community, nation and around the world.  We are following the commands of our Lord to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel" and to share the Love of Christ with our PebbleCreek neighbors.




Board of Deacons Report



Chairperson:  Patricia Wilson, Elder Liaison, Jan Kirk

Deacons:  Pamela Frye, Sharon Graville, Linda Pardue, Patricia Rodgers, Faye Sessoms, Marty Goppert, Gladys Mabey-Conklin and Linda Rouillard


The Board of Deacons elected and confirmed by the church membership is to nurture members and regular attendees of PebbleCreek Community Church.  They greet visitors, send cards for special occasions, assist at times of bereavement and provide meals to those members in need due to surgery or illness.

Review of the past year:  (January 1, 2020 ~ December 31, 2020)

  • Deacons made numerous visits in homes, hospitals and convalescent facilities.  The Deacon Visitation Ministry (including additional At-Large Team Members, facilitated by Pamela Frye), made 778 phone calls, 136 visits, sent 164 cards 64 texts/e-mails and made 39 deliveries/rides as of December, 2020. We continue to provide visits, encouragement and prayer for the ill.
  • The Deacons have prepared meals for members as needed and 36 meals were recorded through December 2020.  In addition, the Deacons provided 4 bereavement dinner meals to the Modderman family following the death of Patti in January, Inge Chapman following the death of Tom Chapman in August, and Fred Agostarola following the death of Lucretia in September.
  • A team of 20 Deacon Helpers graciously agreed to provide meals as needed. We will update that list later this year.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry, led by Jeanne Schimmelpfennig, have completed 176 shawls in 2020.
  • Pat Rodgers served her first term as the card minister.  She sends birthday, anniversaries, get well and thinking of you cards to regular attendees and members.  She also sends sympathy cards to members as well as the PebbleCreek community at large as a part of our outreach to non-members. 394 cards were sent by her as of December 2020.
  • Every effort is made to greet members and visitors and reach out to serve the congregation of PebbleCreek Community Church.





Chairperson: Phylice Walton,  Elder: Hal Merwald

Committee Members:  Tom Clark, Margaret Gillespie, Linda Pardue, Carol Rudisill,  


To assist the Pastor in preparing services which enhance the worship of
God and deepens our commitment to follow Christ. Our areas of service include:

  1. Music Ministry
  2. Baptism, Communion Preparation
  3. Special Times of Worship: Advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving
  4. Special Emphasis Services: New Members, Moments for Mission, Education, Memorial Day, Father's and Mother's Day, Veteran's Day, Operation Christmas Child, Dr. King Observance
  5. Banner selection
  6. Worship Assistants
  7. Oversee the worship budget
  8. Assist visiting pastors/speakers

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020)

  • Assisted with the selection of weekly Scripture readers
  • Prepared Advent Wreath 
  • Submitted Worship Committee budget for 2020 to cover expenses for Bulletins, Candles, Flowers, Offering Envelopes, Music Material, and Misc. Supplies.


Director of Music Report


Director of Music: Donna Giocomo


To develop, expand and maintain the Music Ministry at PebbleCreek Community Church with a variety of musical styles, bringing honor and glory to God and encouragement and healing to the congregation.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020)

  • Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, music at our church experienced changes as we adapted to the current situation. When the Eagle's Next Ballroom was closed for Worship services in March, we went to using more technology. This included both audio and video recording. But the variety of music styles and goal of glorifying God through music in our Worship was continued.
  • Choosing music for Worship service.
  • Coordinate the layout of the worship service with the Pastor.
  • Choir rehearsals every Tuesday singing for Worship most Sundays from January through March 8.
  • Lead and rehearse Praise Team (January – March 8)
  • Communication with choir, congregation and community of PebbleCreek through e-mail, inserts, Post articles and flyers, regarding special services.
  • Record prelude/postlude, audio and video of hymns to lead, choose videos.
  • Coordinating with others to put together the new web based Worship service.
  • Enthusiastically lead music in both worship and rehearsal, allowing our Heavenly Father to touch the hearts of both those in worship and those singing in the Choir, to glorify Him and bring His love to His people through His gift of music.



Education Committee Report



Chairperson: Mary McFarland, Elder Liaison, Joe Arnold

Members: Steve Duncanson, Carol Wehrman, Ione Bartells, Marty Goppert, and Ruth Windorski


To increase biblical knowledge and promote spiritual growth of the PebbleCreek Community Church congregation by:


1. Facilitating Bible study and supporting group leaders with prayer, communication, resource study materials, recruiting, and training new leaders.

2. Communicating to the congregation with 1) a current list of the groups that are meeting, including the study topics, meeting times, and contact person, 2) biblical-based materials, including "Our Daily Bread" and pamphlets, and 3) information on biblical educational opportunities in the area.


Review of the past year: (January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020)

In the last year:

  • Supported fifteen (15) bible study and small groups including one new bible study group.
    1. Women (7)
    2. Men (2)
    3. Mixed (6)
  • Lead a group reading through Proverbs in March.
  • Supplied "Our Daily Bread" using an alternate PC pick-up location.
  • Updated suggested summer reading and Christian movie list.
  • Expanded the Church Library using repurposed Hymnal carts.
  • Provided education information and book reviews with the new PCCC website.
  • Posted a list of appropriate Christian apps.
  • Coordinated and supported Zoom meetings that facilitated these groups



Fellowship Committee Report



Co-Chairpersons: Jan Kirk and Becky Chapman; Elder Liaison Becky Chapman

Committee Members:  Faye Sessoms, Pat Wilson, Ruth Windorski, Sharon Moran,

Leslie Henson, Joan Clark and Toni Kesig


Create an atmosphere of fellowship and fun among members and prospective members, involving those who are willing to participate.

Review of the past year:  (January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020)

  • Fellowship Hour: The social time each Sunday after church services provides snacks and coffee
  • Fellowship Events:  The Committee had originally planned and organized eight (8) events for this year.  Each event is reviewed, and/or revised, if necessary, by the committee. Due to COVID and the resulting shut-down, only three (3) events were held as indicated by the asterisk*. 


  • JANUARY 26:   *Western Hoe Down & Dinner
  • FEBRUARY 9:  *25th Anniversary Mission Conference & Potluck Dinner:
  • MARCH 13:  Baseball Game at Goodyear Ballpark
  • APRIL 3:    6th Annual Spring Celebration (Black & White Dinner)
  • APRIL 12:  Sunrise Easter Service & Fellowship
  • JULY 25:    Summer Event:  Picnic at Oasis Pool Pavilion
  • NOVEMBER 1:     Fall Fellowship
  • NOVEMBER 19:  *Fall Gift Bags to Congregation



Communications Committee Report



Chairperson: Len Magsamen, Elder Liaison: Rick Kesig

Committee Members: Larry Sessoms, Doug McFarland, Dave Modderman, Janet Kittel, Valerie Spiegel, Beth Cunningham


  1. To share information with the people of our church relative to worship, personnel,

social events, meetings, committees, finances, and other news items.

  1. To make information about our church available to all within our PebbleCreek

Community, and to invite all of those who would like to join with us to do so in

celebration of Christ's love.

  1. To make information about our church available to interested parties via our website.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020)

  • A new website on WIX was launched in November 2019 and became the primary flagship communication channel for our congregation during the pandemic shutdown with over 8400 visits during 2020.
  • Instituted communications management strategy by assigning a committee member to each major church committee as liaison for that communications channel.
  • Conducted two congregational surveys: one survey about pandemic communication and a second survey on church gathering during the pandemic.
  • Initiated video recording of Sunday Worship services, publishing on our website.
  • Initiated audio recording of Words of Hope devotionals, publishing on our website.
  • Submitted articles to the PebbleCreek Post regarding church activities.
  • Submitted advertisements to PC Post and Sourcebook.
  • Published internal articles on the website about church activities, such as Operation Christmas Child, book reviews, etc...
  • Posted articles on the website, such as important Covid information, to keep congregation informed during pandemic.
  • Started review and audit of audio-visual equipment, Tomorrow's Technology Today, to explore possible upgrades in technology to improve the worship experience in Eagle's Nest, augment video recording and prepare for future live streaming of services.
  • Initiated migration of website to NetMinistries for professional management and support with an expected launch in January 2021.



Board of Trustees Report



Chairperson:  Jim Gillespie, Elder Liaison, John Aycock

Trustees: Jim Gillespie, Paul Alex, Richard Blomberg, Darrel LoCasio, Patricia Martin, Roberta Thompson, Lee Eakins, Michael Wilson, Jim Berg, Nancy Love, Jim Sykes, Dave Modderman, and Don Hlusak


  1. Provide for the physical set-up, tear-down and storage of equipment for each service and event, including the sound system and projectors
  2. Maintain an inventory (count, condition and value) of the physical assets
  3. Recruit and oversee ushers
  4. Purchase supplies for fellowship time after the services
  5. Set up all sound equipment and microphones as needed, and provide Trustees to operate the equipment for all services and special events
  6. Prepare the projector and computer for the weekly "on the wall presentation"
  7. Recommend to the Elder Board any maintenance or new equipment needs

Review of the past year:  (January 1, 2020~ December 31, 2020)

  • The Trustee Elder and the Trustee Committee met and elected a chairperson and

reviewed the duties of the Trustees at the beginning of the year 

  • Trustees were assigned for each Trustee function ~ physical setup and tear down for each service, usher duties, sound system, and physical inventory. Also responsible for buying supplies to replenish those things used for Fellowship time
  • Coordinate with the Activities Office the change in seat numbers when the snow-birds leave and then again when they return. Four different configurations each year
  • Due to the increase in attendance the Trustees made a new layout of the rows for Sunday morning worship and coordinated with the Activities office to insure this change from one aisle to two aisles
  • Increased the number of ushers each week from 4 to 6 as required for 2 aisles
  • Oversee counting attendance each week
  •  Elder Trustee and Chairperson kept in contact throughout the year to work out any concerns or problems
  • Assisted in Set-up and Take-down of Sound and other equipment as well as other duties related to the December Outdoor Service at the Bullard Wash Amphitheater.


Finance Committee Report


ChairpersonClyde Dowell, Elder Liaison: Howard Atkinson
Committee Members: Clyde Dowell, Ron Chatterton, Ted Huntoon, Patricia Martin, Douglas McFarland, Sydna Mersereau (church treasurer)


A Year of Gratitude:

Thank you to our generous and committed congregation for your outpouring of tithes and offerings for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, all done in spite of the restrictions for live worship services caused by COVID.



  1. To create the 2020 and 2021 church budgets based on estimated contributions and expenses, to review committee requests for expenditures, to request special offerings for Christian purposes, and to inform the congregation of the Board of Elder's decisions in such matters.
  2. To oversee and manage the church's General Fund accounts and restricted special funds for the furtherance of the purposes of the church.
  3. To determine the adequacy of accounting controls and suggest changes where necessary as part of an annual review of church financial records.

Review of the past year:  (January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020)

  • Proposed a balanced 2020 budget which was approved at the February 16, 2020 Annual Meeting of the congregation.
  • Reviewed each month's financial results and provided monthly financial reports to the Board of Elders. 
  • Conducted the annual audit of the church's 2019 financial statements and found no exceptions.
  • Based on our church's growth over the years and change in staff responsibilities, we obtained approval from the Board of Elders to reclassify the Music Director, Secretary and Treasurer from independent contractors to employees effective in 2021.  Ministry Works was hired to handle payroll processing and Workers Compensation Insurance was obtained for all employees. 
  • Obtained the Board of Elders approval to convert the Church's accounting system to QuickBooks beginning in 2021. A consultant was hired to assist with the conversion.
  • Managed the investments of the Reserve Fund and researched the renewal and placement of bank certificate of deposits.
  • Developed a written Benevolence Fund Policy and accompanying procedures and obtained approval by the Board of Elders.
  • Prepared a balanced budget for the year 2021.


What we will do in 2021 and beyond:

  • Continue to work to achieve a balanced budget.
  • Continue to improve the efficiency of the Church's financial systems and provide meaningful reporting to the Board of Elders.
  • Continue to oversee the Church's investments and expenses to insure that we are being good stewards of God's resources.