2019 Annual Report

Presented February 16, 2020

Table of Contents

Pastors Report……………………………………………………………………………    2
Chairman of the Board Report………………………………………………….    3
Church Staff and Officers………………………………………………………….    4
Missions Committee Report………………………………………………………   5
Membership Committee Report………………………………………………..   7
Board of Deacons Report…………………………………………………………    9
Worship Committee Report………………………………………………………    10
Director of Music Report…………………………………………………………...    11
Education Committee Report……………………………………………………    12
Fellowship Committee Report…………………………………………………..    13
Communications Report……………………………………………………………..   14
Board of Trustees Report……………………………………………………………   15
Finance Committee Report…………………………………………………………   16
Proposed Budget………………………………………………………………………..    18


Pastor’s Report

"Moving Forward"

It is hard to believe that another year has been put to rest.  What a year this has been for me personally and as a church.  We saw 23 new people join the faith family.  We added more small groups and Bible studies that now total 15.  We re-arranged the Sunday morning seating arrangement, had 200 plus people join us on a few Sunday mornings and added services that include people living in Robson Reserve.  It can make you tired just reciting all the new things.  More than all those differences, though, the most precious changes are the depth and breadth of the spiritual lives of our faith family.

Throughout this year I have had countless people share with me how they have been changed through the fellowship and ministries of the PebbleCreek Community Church.  Not just the Sunday morning services, but also Bible studies, fellowship events and simple conversations that happened along the way.  It has been a joy for me to hear of the growth that is happening all around us.  This is all because God is doing a mighty work among us.

However, as we reflect on all these accomplishments, I am genuinely challenged with the thought, “Don’t let up”.  We are blessed indeed to see some success in our efforts, but let us always be mindful of Paul’s words in Philippians 4:12-15:  12 I don’t mean to say that I have already achieved these things or that I have already reached perfection. But I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me. 13 No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.    (NLT).  Each of us needs to keep pressing on to reach the end of our own race, so that we can be joyful on the day we meet our Savior, not missing the opportunities Christ has set before us.

We are blessed to be celebrating 25 years of sharing the Gospel to the residents of PebbleCreek.  As we celebrate and honor our past, let us set our sights on the next 25 years, knowing that we have not yet attained the perfection of Christ, but striving every day to do so.  

Peggy and I want to thank you again for allowing us to minister among you.  We look forward to many years of, as the Bible says, “striving as one for the faith of the Gospel” (Phil. 1:27).  May God bless each of you as you travel the path God has set before you.

Pastor Bob


Board of Elders Report

Chairperson:  John Aycock; Vice Chair:  Hal Merwald
Board:  Joe Arnold, Becky Chapman, Jan Kirk, Doug McFarland, Larry Sessoms, Howard Atkinson, and Pastor Robert Ripley

Greetings to all who read this report:

The Board of Elders is elected by the congregation for three-year terms. Each year, at the Annual Meeting of church members, a new “class” of Elders is elected.  The Elder Board is the governing body of the church. Together with the Pastor, Elders exercise leadership, governance, discipline and responsibility for the life of the church.

As you read and review this report, you will find that PCCC has experienced growth both  as individuals and as a collective body in our pursuit of serving our Lord and Savior.  

You will find that there are 7 very active committees who have provided a report for you about their events, activities and accomplishments during 2019 (Missions, Membership, Worship, Education, Fellowship, Communications, and Finance).

You will find that PCCC has a vibrant and expanding music program.

You will be provided information and reports from the three elected boards that serve God and PCCC: Elders, Trustees, and Deacons.

You will learn more about Pastor Bob and the staff who work so hard on behalf of PCCC.

You will be made aware that PCCC has 15 Bible Study groups that examine and discuss the word of God on a weekly basis.

You will also learn about the budget and how PCCC uses its financial blessings to minister to individuals, couples, groups, local charities, and national and international organizations serving God.

I pray that you are experiencing the joy of knowing our Savior Jesus Christ.

Respectfully Submitted,
John T. Aycock
Chairperson of the Elder Board


Church Staff and Officers
As of December 31, 2019

Pastor:                       Rev. Bob Ripley
Treasurer:               Syd Mersereau
Secretary:                 Marsha Lyons
Director of Music:    Donna Giocomo
Pianists:                    Shirley Nebergall, Karen Petersen
Prayer Coordinator:  Edna DeFord

Elders:    John Aycock (Chair), Robert Ripley, Joe Arnold, Howard Atkinson, Becky Chapman, Jan Kirk,  Doug McFarland, Hal Merwald, Larry Sessoms and George Thomas,

Board Secretary:        Marsha Lyons

Trustees:    Jim Gillespie (Chair), Richard Blomberg, Darrel LoCascio, Patricia Martin, Roberta Thompson, Lee Eakins, Michael Wilson, and Paul Alex  

Deacons:    Patricia Wilson (Chair), Pamela Frye, Deniece Gibbs, Sharon Graville, Linda Pardue, Susan Preston, Patricia Rodgers, and Faye Sessoms



Mission Committee Report

Chairperson:    Edna DeFord, 

Elder Liaison: John Aycock
Committee Members: Barb Cahall, Beth Hadden, Donna Grover, Inge Chapman, Judy Merwald, Steve Kirk and Thelma Jenkins.   (We are looking for two new members to join our group).

a. Focus our giving to the missions that meet our established criteria meeting spiritual needs by sharing Christ as well as meeting humanitarian endeavors.
b. Support mission outreaches that are effective in presenting the claims of the gospel and winning people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Grace.
c. Support missions reaching out to people in keeping with our Lord’s teaching to feed the hungry, provide clothing, shelter and medical care to those who are hurting in this world.

These missions will represent local, state, national, worldwide Christian ministries and their missionaries.  This includes individual(s) working with these ministries that are required to obtain their own financial support.

Support American Indian missions and their ministries.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2019 ~ December 31, 2019)
This has been a wonderful year of following God’s lead in our Mission outreach.  The Committee has been working diligently to make the best use of the funds dedicated to missions donated by our congregation and to provide more “hands on” service opportunities for our congregation.  We have continued to review our missions to ensure they meet the criteria set up for our mission endeavors.

We supported eight (8)) missions at $ 150.00 per month which are local, national and international in nature.  We have now added a new monthly mission, Sandy & LeRoy Anderson, World Gospel Missions-American Indian Field beginning January 1, 2020.  The committee has also raised the monthly funding for the nine (9) Monthly Missions to $ 200.00 per month beginning January 1, 2020.  These missions are: Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank, Alaskan Christian College, Eve-A-Douglas Caribbean Deaf Ministry, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, JESUS Film Project; JOY Brazil, Phoenix Rescue Mission/Changing Life Center, & Samaritan’s Purse, and World Gospel Missions American Indian Field.   We use the remaining funds each month to support other missions as well as special needs that arise for our regular missions. These funds come from our Allocated Special Designated Gifts budget.

We had a banner year of 1,685 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.   These shoe boxes were sent to the Philippines and many sensitive countries. 

Donations were made to Samaritan’s Purse for disaster relief due to the many deployments this year and to World Medical Mission trips by Dr. Allan Sawyer.

The Mission Committee once again organized and directed the Agua Fria Food Bank Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Distribution Program as we have been doing for the last 19 years.  Food Baskets were given out to 700 families at Thanksgiving.  Agua Fria Food Bank joined with other community organizations to feed and provide gifts to children in 850 families.  

Other Mission activities included:

Special Agua Fria Food Collections were held as needed and plastic bags and empty medicine bottles were collected weekly and taken to Agua Fria.

Special funds went to: the Agua Fria School Uniform Program for over 400 young people to receive two new school uniforms each; the JESUS Film Project to purchase wireless electronic equipment to allow the teams to reach into areas without electricity to show the JESUS film DVD’s; to Brother Jacob in India;   St. Bonaventure received funds for Blankets for the Elderly and the Water Truck which is the only source of water to many families on the reservation; Pastor Elisha/ Kenya received funds to help purchase a motorbike to carry him across the dangerous game preserve; Pastor Wilbins Maginet /Haiti was provided funding to help with the building a church and to hold a crusade in a where a second church has been started on the other side of the island.

Below is a percentage distribution of mission funds for the year.



Connections (a/k/a Membership) Committee Report

Chairperson: Tom Frye   

Elder Liaison: Larry Sessoms
Committee Members:  Don Clark, Janice & Richard Gerhart, Deniece & Bill Gibbs, Ruth & Butch Windorski

1.  To do all we can to make visitors in our church feel comfortable and welcome.
2.  To encourage people who attend our church to become regular attenders and/or members.
3.  To provide Connections Brunches and other activities for the purpose of orienting new people to our Constitution, By-Laws and other fundamentals of our community church.
4.  To assist in the reception of new members.
5.  To track attendance and follow-up on inactive members.
6.  To work on policies and programs that enhance outreach, and make membership in our church a joyful and spiritually rewarding experience.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2019 ~ December 31, 2019)

Our Name:  We changed our name from “Membership” to “Connections”, reflecting that the purpose of our committee is to connect with new people without a pure focus on membership.  Thus, we strive to have people become regular attenders to our services, and become involved with our church, in the process of their considering formal membership. Technically this requires a change to our By-Laws, so church members will be hearing more about this later.

Welcome Table:  We continue to maintain a hosted welcome table just outside our chapel door with information about our church and name tags for visitors.  This has enhanced our opportunity to meet and greet visitors, and to learn more about them.
Welcome Packets:  These packets are given to first time visitors.  They have recently been updated to include a message from Pastor, information about our church, and a PebbleCreek card for coffee and a muffin over which recipients might think further about their visit to our church.

Community Outreach:  A task force was organized this past summer and fall by our Elder Board to develop strategies for (a) making PebbleCreek Community Church better known within our community, and (b) launching Explore God, a seven week neighborhood evangelism program designed to reach our “unchurched "circle of friends.  Responsibility for these activities has now been transferred to our committee.  Together with our Communications Committee, among others, we have made considerable progress in making our church better known.We plan to expand on past projects, including a pilot project of Explore God in 2020.

Connections Brunches:  These brunches replace the “get acquainted” brunches our committee sponsored in members’ homes in the past.  We anticipate offering Connections Brunches quarterly for new regular attenders to our services in order to orient them to the underlying beliefs, missions and operations of our community church.  Emphasis at these brunches, generally held in the Eagle’s Nest Palm Room following Sunday service, is on understanding what we are about.  While membership information is distributed at these brunches, the question of membership is left to each person in recognition that we have a large group of “regular attenders” in our congregation, some of whom are ready for the step of membership and others who prefer to wait on that step.  All are welcome.

Church Pictorial Directory:  Last year our committee worked with our Communications Committee to implement our new church directory.  Our committee retains responsibility to update the new directory as needed.  Please call any needed updates to the attention of any of our committee members, or our church Secretary, Marsha Lyons, with whom we work closely.

Outreach To Our Community:  In coordination with our Communications Committee, time and effort is given to developing approaches to reach out to our PebbleCreek community.  Realizing all Christians are to be involved in “making disciples,” methods to encourage and enable our members in this practice are being designed and implemented.

Worship Service Attendance Growth:  Our PebbleCreek Community Church continues to experience significant growth in worship service attendance.  Our committee will continue to search out new ideas for how we can, in a friendly manner, reach out to receive these people with Christ’s love.  We welcome any input from our congregation around how we might better perform.  

Our Goal:  The goal of our committee is to meet, welcome, and create a relationship with visitors in an attempt to make them feel comfortable in making a decision about joining with us in fellowship on a regular basis.  This is not about numbers, but creating an atmosphere where spiritual growth can be the result.


Board of Deacons Report

Chairperson:  Patricia Wilson, Elder Liaison, Jan Kirk
Deacons:  Pamela Frye, Deniece Gibbs, Sharon Graville, Linda Pardue, Susan Preston, Patricia Rodgers, and Faye Sessoms

The Board of Deacons elected and confirmed by the church membership is to nurture members and regular attendees of PebbleCreek Community Church.  They greet visitors, send cards for special occasions, assist at times of bereavement and provide meals to those members in need due to surgery or illness.

Review of the past year:  (January 1, 2019 ~ December 31, 2019)

The Board of Deacons updated the Funeral Protocol as well as the Functions and Responsibilities of the Deacons to better clarify specific duties in conjunction with other committees of the church.

Deacons made numerous visits in homes, hospitals and convalescent facilities under the establishment of the Chaplains Visitation Team whose Facilitator is Pamela Frye.  219 calls, visits, emails, or text were recorded as of December, 2019. We continue to provide visits, encouragement and prayer for the ill.

The Deacons have prepared meals for members as needed and 27 meals were recorded through December 2019. Deacons also provided a bereavement dinner meal to the Fritsche family following the death of Don Fritsche in December.

A team of 35 Deacon Helpers graciously agreed to provide meals and 8 more agreed to help with hospital or home visit as needed. We are currently in the process of updating that list.

Susan Preston served a third term as the card minister.  She sends birthday, anniversaries, get well and thinking of you cards to regular attendees and members.  She also sends sympathy cards to members as well as the PebbleCreek community at large as a part of our outreach to non-members. 336 cards were sent by her as of December 2019.

Every effort is made to greet members and visitors and reach out to serve the congregation of PebbleCreek Community Church.


Worship Committee Report

Chairperson: Phylice Walton,  

Elder Liaison: Hal Merwald
Committee Members:  Tom Clark, Donna Giocomo, Carol Rudisill, Margaret Gillespie,


To assist the Pastor in preparing services which enhance the worship of 
God and deepens our commitment to follow Christ.


Our areas of service include:
Music Ministry, Baptism, Communion Preparation Special Times of Worship: Advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving


Special Emphasis Services: New Members, Moments for Mission, Education, Memorial Day, Father’s and Mother’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Operation Christmas Child, Dr. King Observance, Banner selection, Worship Assistants, Oversee the worship budget, assist visiting pastors/speakers, Review of the past year: (January 1, 2019 ~ December 31, 2019). Assisted the Pastor with details and music for the weekly “Order of Worship” and special services. Purchased Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies for worship services and distributed them to those within our congregation and community. Coordinated palm selection and distribution for Palm Sunday worship service. Purchased and distributed special “remembrances” for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Coordinated with the Mission Committee to include quarterly "Moment for Missions" as a part of the worship service. Requested Elders to serve during Communion. Requested Worship Assistants from the congregation. Prepared communication for the community bulletin boards and newspaper highlighting special worship services. Prepared bulletin inserts for Christmas and Easter services and flower donations. Submitted Worship Committee budget for 2019 to cover expenses for bulletins, candles, flowers, offering envelopes, music material, and miscellaneous supplies.



Director of Music Report

Director of Music:  Donna Giocomo

To develop, expand and maintain the Music Ministry at PebbleCreek Community Church with a variety of musical styles, bringing honor and glory to God and encouragement and healing to the congregation.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2019 ~ December 31, 2019)

a. Choosing music for Worship service.
b. Coordinate the layout of the worship service with the Pastor.
c. Annual Christmas Concert
d. Easter Cantata
e. Small Ensembles for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
f. Choir rehearsals every Tuesday, singing for Worship most Sundays from September through May.
g. Recording of practice CDs for Christmas and Easter.
h. Lead and rehearse Praise Team.
i. Scheduling of pianists year round.
j. Scheduling of music for special services (Easter Sunrise Service, Good Friday, Christmas Eve).
k. Scheduling of special music for the summer.
l. Communication with choir, congregation and community of PebbleCreek through e-mail, inserts, Post articles and flyers, regarding special services.
m. Enthusiastically lead music in both worship and rehearsal, allowing our Heavenly Father to touch the hearts of both those in worship and those singing in the Choir, to glorify Him and bring His love to His people through His gift of music.



Education Committee Report

Chairperson: Mary McFarland,   Elder Liaison, Joe Arnold
Members: Steve Duncanson, Carol Wehrman, and Ruth Windorski

To increase biblical knowledge and promote spiritual growth of the PebbleCreek Community Church congregation by:

1. Facilitating Bible study and supporting group leaders with prayer, communication, resource study materials, recruiting, and training new leaders.
2. Communicating to the congregation with 1) a current list of the groups that are meeting, including the study topics, meeting times, and contact person, 2) biblical-based materials, including Our Daily Bread and pamphlets, and 3) information on biblical educational opportunities in the area.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2019 ~ December 31, 2019)
Supported fifteen (15) bible studies and small groups attended by about half of the congregation.

Women (6)
Men (3)
Mixed (6)

a. Hosted a home bible study leader appreciation dessert.

b. Supplied literature for the education table and evaluated the quantity of “Our Daily Bread” in the large print format.

c. Coordinated the congregation-wide “Overcomer” movie study.

d. Coordinated attendance at a local Voice of the Martyrs Conference.

e. Updated suggested summer reading and Christian movie list.

f. Held a Women’s Faith and Fellowship Luncheon.

g. Planned and started implementation of a Church Library using repurposed Hymnal carts.

h. Provided education information with the new PCCC website.


Fellowship Committee Report

Co-Chairpersons: Jan Kirk and Becky Chapman

Elder Liaison: Becky Chapman
Committee Members:  Faye Sessoms, Joan Clark, Leslie Henson, Pat Wilson, Toni Kesig, Sharon Moran, Ruth Windorski

Create an atmosphere of fellowship and fun among members and prospective members involving those who are willing to participate.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2019 ~ December 31, 2019)

a. Fellowship Hour: The social time each Sunday after church services provides snacks and coffee and continues to be very popular and well attended.
b. Fellowship Events: The Committee planned, organized and hosted seven (7) events this year. Each event is reviewed and or revised, if necessary, by the committee.

  JANUARY 27th:  Western Hoedown/Square Dance:  91 attended and enjoyed a      western themed potluck dinner.

  MARCH 19th:  Ballgame/Dinner at Goodyear Ball Park with 48 in attendance

  APRIL 14th:  Black And White Dinner with 58 in attendance
  AUGUST 25:  Summer Event: Picnic at the Oasis Pool Pavilion with 47 in attendance
  NOVEMBER 1:  Progressive Dinner with 75 in attendance
 DECEMBER 14th:  Dream City Christmas Show with 55 in attendance with pizza fellowship following with 60 in attendance
 DECEMBER 15th:  Provided Cookies and punch/coffee following Choir Christmas Concert with approximately 125 in attendance



Communication Committee Report

Chairperson: Dave Modderman

Elder Liaison: George Thomas
Committee Members: Larry Sessoms, Doug McFarland, Beth Cunningham.

To share information with the people of our church relative to worship, personnel,
social events, meetings, committees, finances, and other news items.


To make information about our church available to all within our PebbleCreek
community, and to invite all of those who would like to join with us to do so in
celebration of Christ’s love.

To make information about our church available to interested parties via our website.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019)
In 2019, Len Magsamen created a new web site for our church, www.churchpccc.org.

While this continues to be a work in progress, Len’s insight and hard work has resulted in a significantly improved tool for use by our congregation and others who seek information.  

We continued with scheduling and coordinating articles about our church, including work by our various committees for publication each month in the PebbleCreek Post.

Streaming of our Sunday services was discontinued in 2019 so that we could evaluate new tools to update and improve streaming. Sunday sermons continue to be offered via recording on our web site.

In 2019 we stopped the publication of the Pebbles as directed by the Elder Board.
We continued to seek additional members to help us write, edit and coordinate articles and other communications for the church.

In 2019, we updated and published The PebbleCreek Community Church Directory for members, and regular attendees. We will continue to work with our Connections/Membership Committee to update this publication periodically as needed.

In the past several years we could not have accomplished what we did without the assistance and hard work of Dave Modderman. We want to thank Dave for his efforts and continued support.


Board of Trustees Report

Chairperson:  Jim Gillespie

Elder Liaison: George Thomas
Trustees: Paul Alex, Richard Blomberg, Darrel LoCasio, Patricia Martin, Roberta Thompson, Lee Eakins, and Michael Wilson

Provide for the physical set-up, tear-down and storage for each service and event,
Maintain an inventory (count & condition) of the physical assets

Oversee sound engineers, and ushers

Purchase, as needed, supplies for fellowship time after the services.

Set up all sound equipment and microphones as needed, as per instructions on the sound cabinet and provide people to operate the equipment for all services and special events.

Prepare the projector and computer for the weekly “on the wall” presentation”.

Recommend to the Elder Board any maintenance or new equipment needs.

Review of the past year:  (January 1, 2019 ~ December 31, 2019)
The Trustee Elder and the Trustee Committee met and elected a chairperson and
discussed the duties of the Trustees at the beginning of the year.  

Trustees were assigned for each Trustee function ~ physical setup and tear down for each service, usher duties, sound system, and physical inventory. Also responsible for buying supplies to replenish those things used for Fellowship time.

Coordinate with the Activities Office the change in seat numbers when the snow-birds leave and then again when they return. Four different configurations each year.

Due to the increase in attendance the Trustees made a new layout of the rows for Sunday morning worship and coordinated with the Activities office to insure this change from one aisle to two aisles.

Increased the number of ushers each week from 4 to 6 as required for 2 aisles.
Oversee counting attendance each week.

 Elder Trustee and Chairperson kept in contact throughout the year to work out any concerns or problems.


 Finance Committee Report

Chairperson: Clyde Dowell  

Elder Liaison,:Douglas McFarland
Committee Members: Howard Atkinson, Clyde Dowell, Ted Huntoon, Patricia Martin, Sydna Mersereau (church treasurer), Dave Wehrman

To create the 2019 and 2020 church budgets based on estimated contributions and expenses, to review committee requests for expenditures, to request special offerings for Christian purposes, and to inform the congregation of the elder board’s decisions in such matters.

To oversee and manage the church’s financial accounts and restricted special funds for the furtherance of the purposes of the church.

To determine the adequacy of accounting controls and suggest changes where necessary as part of an annual review of church financial records.

Review of the past year: (January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019)

Proposed a balanced 2019 budget, which was approved at the February 10, 2019, annual meeting of the congregation, with a projected small surplus for the fourth year in succession.

Reviewed each month’s financial reports.  Tithes and offerings increased substantially above the budgeted $242,000 to $300,560 due in part to what may be non-recurring gifts of stock; budgeted expenses of $241,744 rose to actual expenditures of $263,397; the addition was largely composed of expenses covered by in kind contributions and the allocation to missions of 25% of increased contributions in 2018.  A surplus of $37,163 remained, which was retained in the General Fund.  The Victory Fund was merged into the Reserve Fund.  In addition, contributions to the Missions Fund and the Benevolence Fund were received.

Conducted an annual audit of the church’s finances.

Prepared a budget for coming year 2020 with anticipated tithes and offerings of $270,000 and projected expenses of $265,210, for a projected surplus of $4790.

What we will do in 2020 and beyond:
Continue to work to achieve a balanced budget.


Examine each item in the church budget for furtherance of the Kingdom of God.


Continue to oversee the church budget and financial accounts.

Special thanks for your loving outpouring of tithes and offerings for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

                                  #                              #                                #